Install the latest version of Go

Install the latest version of Go. For instructions to download and install the Go compilers, tools, and libraries, view the install documentation.

Download packages for Windows 64-bit, macOS, Linux, and more.

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  • Documentation

    Everything there is to know about Go. Get started on a new project or brush up for your existing Go code.

  • Tour of Go

    An interactive introduction to Go in three sections. Each section concludes with a few exercises so you can practice what you've learned.

  • Playground

    The Playground allows anyone with a web browser to write Go code that we immediately compile, link, and run on our servers.

Learning Resources

Guided learning journeys

  • Web Dev

    Go Web Examples provides easy to understand code snippets on how to use Go for web development.

  • CLIs

    This workshop will walk you through building a CLI app with Go, introducing you to basic Go principles and CLI frameworks along the way.

  • New to coding?

    Get started with this introductory course covering basic programming principles and Go fundamentals.

  • Go by example

    Go by Example is a hands-on introduction to Go using annotated example programs. It’s a great starting point to use when tackling any Go project.

Online learning

  • Codecademy

    This course covers setting up a Go environment, the fundamentals of Go, and will walk you through building a few sample projects.


    Tackle community-sourced Go challenges in this interactive course, working with other participants and mentors along the way.

  • Google Developers Codelabs

    Get started with a free codelab that walks you through using Go to build and publish a Google Cloud Function.

  • Gophercises

    Build your confidence in using Go with this course, where you’ll build roughly twenty different Go applications.


  • Getting started

    In this tutorial, you'll get a brief introduction to Go programming. Along the way, you will install Go, write some simple "Hello, world" code, use the go command to run your code, use the Go package discovery tool, and call functions of an external module.

  • Create a module

    This is the first part of a tutorial that introduces a few fundamental features of the Go language. In this tutorial you'll create two modules. The first is a library which is intended to be imported by other libraries or applications. The second is a caller application which will use the first.

  • Developing a web service

    This tutorial introduces the basics of writing a RESTful web service API with Go and the Gin Web Framework. In this tutorial, you will build a RESTful API server with two endpoints.

  • Accessing a relational database

    This tutorial introduces the basics of accessing a relational database with Go and the database/sql package in its standard library. In this tutorial, you’ll create a database, then write code to access the database.

In-person training

  • Ardan Labs

    Offering customized on-site live training classes.

  • Gopher Guides

    Customized In-person, remote, and online training classes. Training for Developers by Developers.

  • Boss Sauce Creative

    Personalized or track-based Go training for teams.

  • Shiju Varghese

    On-site classroom training on Go and consulting on distributed systems architectures, in India.

  • Debuggare applicazioni Go con Delve group photo

    May 25, 2022 · Firenze, FI Italy

    Debuggare applicazioni Go con Delve

    Benvenuto nella community di gophers italiani. Se sei appassionato di Go, unisciti a noi! Ti aspettano tanti eventi su tutto il territorio nazionale, sconti per GoLab e per le conferenze partner e tanti contenuti innovativi.

  • Book Club > Get Programming With Go group photo

    May 25, 2022 · Eugene, OR USA

    Book Club > Get Programming With Go

    All Gophers and curious software professionals are welcome to come discuss Go and related topics.
    Go is a Google-funded language for massively-scalable distributed systems that is statically typed and compiled. It has quickly stabilized and is running head-to-head with C++, Java, C#, etc. (The Computer Language Benchmarks Game - Go). However, a larger-than-expected portion of new Gophers is made up of dynamic/interpreted language users who tend to be seeking relief from the cruft in their current languages and/or a more clear future within the horizontally-growing landscape of modern computing.
    If you're building web apps, designing APIs, thrive on scalability, or you're simply curious about this fun new(ish) language, let's meetup.
    • More resources are available at

  • meetup logo

    May 25, 2022 · Toronto, ON Canada

    Ruh-Roh, Runes!

    Women Who Go Toronto is a community of women and non-binary Go (Golang) developers committed to learning and sharing intermediate and advanced Go programming topics in an open and inclusive environment. 

    Is this meetup for me?

    Women Who Go Toronto Mascot
    Our gopher friend, Meg, is designed by Ellen Hsiang. The inspiration behind this mascot comes from the well-known photo of software pioneer Margaret Hamilton standing next to her team's tower of code for the Apollo Project. She was a champion of computer programming as a legitimate discipline, and is credited with coining the term software engineering.
    Behind Meg is the distinctive Toronto City Hall. In contrast to that other famous but pointier Toronto landmark, City Hall is a curvy harmony of parts. Two towers wrap around the saucer-like council chamber, hinting at standing figures gathering for an intimate chat. It is also the literal meeting place for City Council. Both the building and the meetings are open to the public.
    Passionate software engineers, gophers, and a welcoming community? What else but Women Who Go Toronto.

    Code of Conduct
    All members agree to adhere to the Women Who Go Code of Conduct.